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It all started in 2015...

After working in Wealth Management at Bank of America and Merrill Lynch for nearly 10 years, I (Morgan) walked away from my biggest promotion ever to start an online coaching practice.

See, I had noticed that people—women, in particular—were struggling with their relationship with money, and I saw a gap in what women were taught about money.

Little by little, I built up a roster of clients, teaching them financial foundations and helping them generate a whopping $2 million dollars in savings and debt repayment!

This is a picture of me in my first year of business

Boy Meets Girl:

Then, in 2017, along comes Ed—a dude with his own 10-year career in technology and business strategy. See, Ed had been making multiple six figures but had racked up over $55k in debt! 🤕 In Ed’s quest to sort this all out, a friend referred him to me and we started working together.

Girl Coaches Boy:

18 months...for 18 months, Ed met with me one-on-one to dig deep, get to the core of his relationship with money, and build healthy habits through tracking his spending and observing his behavior. In July of 2018, Ed had paid off all his debt! But most importantly, his relationship to money had transformed!

Ed worked as a business strategist and marketing leader before co-founding Vibrant Money with me.

Boy Asks Girl Out:

Then, one day out of the blue, Ed called me and asked me out! 😲

I had a suspicion he had a bit of a crush on me but I didn’t know what to say when he asked me out! Normally I have a very strict policy of not dating my clients, but there was so much trust and respect in our working relationship that when Ed said the options were “Yes”, “No,” or “Maybe,” I immediately responded with “let’s go with maybe.” See, we had worked together on his finances and we had even run a free money training back in 2017. There was so much trust and respect in our relationship already, I wanted to explore it.

So I agreed to just ONE date. So he took me to Mexico for a week! 🤣

And oh! You know how the rest goes: 

Boy and girl get engaged. Boy and girl move in together. Boy quits his tech career to join forces with girl. Boy and girl team up to teach personal finance and income strategies to women around the world.

😍 This is us on top of a Mayan temple near Tulum, MX! 😍 

Tale as old as time, right? 

We’ve made it our life’s work to help you…

  • Eliminate debt
  • Build savings
  • Increase your wealth
  • Increase your income
  • Start or build your small business
  • Negotiate a salary increase
  • Switch careers
  • Land your dream job
  • Improve your relationship with money
  • Have a healthier relationship with your partner, including the topic of money

...and so much more.

In fact, we've put a whole library of videos below for you to watch. Check out what topic interests you most!

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