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I've helped my clients secure 15 to 30 percent MORE than what their employers offered them!

I want to help you do the same! 

Do you Ever Feel Like...

  • You deserve better pay or a better position?
  • You're falling behind colleagues who make more and do less?
  • Asking for a raise or promotion will backfire?

I feel ya! But think of it like this. We're living at a time of serious re-evaluation of the workplace, our jobs and work-life balance. Now's a perfect time for you to go for a raise, promotion, or a new job. I can help you create a kick-ass strategy to make it happen!

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Real People, Real Raises!

Client A - Marketing Manager

Situation: Promotion with raise.

Compensation Package: Base salary plus bonus.

Result: 25% base salary increase (15% above initial offer) + 15% annual company bonus (5% above initial offer)!

Client B - Customer Service Manager

Situation: Promotion with raise.

Compensation Package: Base salary plus bonus.

Result: 25% base salary increase (15% above initial offer) + 15% annual company bonus (5% above initial offer)!

Hi, I'm Ed! 

I'm your Income & Abundance Coach!

Here are three facts about me:

  • I worked in corporate America for 10 years, learning tough but valuable lessons that can help you navigate your journey to higher pay and greater success.
  • I've successfully negotiated multiple six-figure positions for myself and my clients!
  • I have a 10-year-old son and a 3-year-old dog-child named Eddy!

I'm here to help you:

  1. Land that juicy raise or promotion!
  2. Navigate the negotiation process from start to finish!
  3. Separate your self-worth from your net-worth so you speak up for what you deserve!
  4. Make as much money as you want without sacrificing your values or sanity.
  5. Conquer your fear of asking for more money!
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Know Your Worth to Create Leverage

You work hard and get the job done. But honestly, does your pay reflect your actual value to your employer?

If you're not sure, NOW's the time for you to explore negotiating for a raise or promotion! 

I work with my clients to strategize this whole process from start to finish.

So why not take a shot at getting that job, raise, or promotion you deserve? Being ready when opportunities arise puts you way above the competition.

Start with the Big Picture

❌ Other coaches may stress a short-term or templated approach to helping you get a raise.

✔️ My process builds from a solid foundation of who you are and the value you bring to a company. We'll carefully map out what steps to take to demonstrate your unique value.

Research = Power: Know your worth!

❌ Other coaches may guesstimate how much you should ask for.

✔️ My process includes a comprehensive salary study based on the position and your experience. This alone will give you instant negotiating leverage.

Gain Perspective

❌ Other coaches may have limited experience with either small or large businesses.

✔️ I've worked in high-tech industry, sales, marketing and small businesses. I know the type of language and examples that will resonate most with your employer.

You're More than Your Job!

❌ Other coaches zero in only on the financial aspects of your goals.

✔️ I'm here to help you land the raise without selling your soul! I'll include negotiating for work-life-balance, perks, and other opportunities. 

No Templates Allowed!

❌ Other coaches may want to hand you the answers to how you should negotiate for a raise.

✔️ I create a bespoke strategy based on your specific situation.

By the end of your coaching package, you'll:

⭐ Feel confident to ask for above-market value for your position ⭐

I'll help you show what a high-value candidate you are with real data.

📈 Performance-based Salary Rationale 📈

Together, we will figure out the right ask for you whether you're seeking a new job, a raise, or a promotion, including quantitative assessments of your performance. 

🥅 Step-by-Step Action Plan 🥅

We'll map out exactly what to say, when to say it, and how to follow up and land the promotion or raise!

Up Next: What does the Vibrant Money Salary Negotiation Package include?

Step-by-Step Support Until You Get the Raise!

What's included in the Vibrant Money Salary Negotiation Package:

3D Salary Assessment

A comprehensive survey including you, your company, and the position you’re negotiating for ($150 value).

1-Hour Strategy Session (via Zoom)

including Compensation Package Design, Unique Value Statements, Communication Plan, and 3D Salary Review. ($200 value!)

Written Salary Rationale Document

A word document explaining why you should be paid what you're asking for including value-statements and compensation plan. Many of my clients send this directly to their employer! ($200 value!)

30-Minute Follow-Up Session (via Zoom)

Pull the trigger on a 30-minute follow-up session to get advice at any point during the negotiation. Additional drop-in sessions can be purchased. ($100 value!)

You'll also get these incredible BONUSES completely free:

Bonus 1: Salary Report from

I will analyze your profession and company to generate a salary benchmark for your position.

$150 value!

Bonus 2: Access to Library of Career Development Training

Get free access to my library of training videos, including interviews with hiring and career experts! Topics cover Job Search Advice, Career Development vs. Entrepreneurship, How to Develop Your Resume, and Interview Advice.

$150 value!

Bonus 3: Career Workbook

Use my free career workbook to conduct your own career self-assessment and plan your next career move!

$100 value!

Value: $1,050 | Price: $600

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100% Money-back Guarantee: I’ve designed my coaching packages to be accessible and affordable. If you’re not completely satisfied with the support and advice you receive to negotiate for a pay increase I'll give you a 100 percent refund no questions asked.

Kick-Start Your Salary Negotiation

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